Small Acts of Conservation Kindness: No-mow Meadows!

— by Shannon Hogan, 22 September 2022

Sometimes creating a conservation project takes almost no effort at all, and sometimes it even lightens your workload!

I had the pleasure of visiting Jeff and Jodi’s home to see their no-mow meadow. It all started when they and their landlord, Harriet, decided to save some time in their busy lives by not cutting the grass in their front lawn one summer. As the years went on, they all noticed more and more creatures utilising their little meadow. First, they noticed the insects within the long grasses, then the dragonflies swooping in to feed and eventually some bug-loving birds like the Common Nighthawks!

One evening, while watching the sunset, their family counted a flock of about 40 Common Nighthawks practising their aerial acrobatics and feasting on the bug-buffet above their meadow! By deciding to save their time and energy, they gifted wildlife some extra habitat and food and gifted themselves some nightly entertainment. Thanks guys!

Maybe next year try easing your ever-growing To-Do List by leaving your grass free to grow and see what decides to visit you!

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This section of no-mow meadow has diverse and long grasses, making lots of habitat for bugs and feeding animals we love such as Common Nighthawk and dragonflies!

Jeff and Jodi were able to spot many Common Nighthawks flying over their no-mow meadow this summer!