Garter Snake

Small Acts of Conservation: Garden Rock Walls

— by Shannon Hogan, 20 October 2022

Many years ago, Fred Savage built a beautiful rock wall in his sloping, south-facing garden. At the time, the purpose of the rock wall was to create a tiered garden bed and promote water catchment. However, over the years, he’s realized that the wall has become so much more than that; it’s become a critter’s paradise!

The rock wall is about 3 feet high and 20 feet long and is home to creatures like Garter Snakes and Alligator Lizards! When the snakes and lizards aren’t eating slugs and bugs off the nearby tomato plants, they spend their time sunning themselves on the warm rocks or hiding from predators in the wall’s many nooks and crannies. The key to this rock wall being such a favoured habitat by these great garden companions is that the rocks are loosely stacked on one another and not tightly mortared together.

Rock walls or even piles of rocks are great ways to increase habitat on your property!

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