Lynne Jordan

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the Jo Ann Green Award 2019 is Lynne Jordan.

The award recognizes a Cortes Islander who has made significant contributions to the environmental well being of the community.

Congratulations to Lynne for all of her fabulous work over the years and dedication to Cortes and its environment.  Here is her nomination in full.

Lynne has worked tirelessly for many years promoting the natural history of our island. During her eighteen years of volunteer service at the Cortes Museum, Lynne was instrumental in the creation of the Wild Cortes Exhibit, both in its original location and now at Linnaea Farm.

Lynne has promoted our environment through the Museum’s Walks and Talks series and her own Gumbooting Tours of Manson’s Lagoon.

Supporting the annual Christmas Bird Count by hosting the hot lunches is another example of Lynne’s (and her husband Joe’s) commitment to promoting awareness of the birds and wildlife found on Cortes.

Lynne also voluntarily transported guest speakers and Misty Isle patrons from the ferry to the Museum or the dock to meet the boat.

Lynne is leaving Cortes in the near future as she moves on to a new chapter in her life. We think this award is a wonderful way to recognize Lynne’s outstanding service to our island and its environment.