Cortes Species Highlight: Rough-skinned Newt

— by Shannon Hogan, March 2, 2023

As you’ve driven around Cortes, you’ve most likely seen the bright yellow “Newt XING” signs along the roadsides. Whenever you’re going past one, and it’s the rainy spring season, make sure to slow down! You’ve now entered a newt zone.

Springtime is a newt’s most active time of the year. They spend all winter buried under leaf litter and logs, keeping warm and patiently waiting for winter to subside. When the weather starts to warm, and the forest begins to thaw out, that’s when newts get rearing to go! The warm weather signifies that it’s time to come out of hiding and start looking for the best possible spot to have eggs; ponds! Look out! Their cozy over-wintering spot could be separated from a perfect breeding pond by a treacherous road, which is why we should always drive slowly and keep our eyes on the road during spring.

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Canadian Herpetological Society

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