We are delighted to announce that the winner of the Jo Ann Green Environmental Award for 2018 is Brian Pfeifle and his team at the Cortes Island Waste Management Centre.

The award recognizes a Cortes Islander who has made significant contributions to the environmental well being of the community.

Congratulations to Brian and his team for their dedication and awesome work.  Here is the nomination in full

Without hesitation, we nominate Brian Pfeifle & his team at the Cortes Island Waste Transfer Station for their professional and dedicated work towards serious participation by the Cortes community in the proactive reduction of our solid waste generation.

Island resources need to be used and reused continuously so they don’t end up in landfills. Brian and his team are working to build a circular economy by creating enhanced opportunities for our local community to reuse and recycle.

Good waste management systems are essential to building that circular economy and this is accomplished by Brian and his team’s attention to:

  1. the organization and clear signage of the recyclables facility, thereby creating a “user-friendly” facility that exponentially enhances community participation in recycling
  2. the discrimination of the quality of reusables accepted, which is in turn reinforced by their respectful treatment and storage on site of those reusables
  3. the cleanliness of the facility, which instils a sense of respect within the community for recyclables and reusables

Brian’s personal passion for and knowledge of the solid waste management industry, politics and psychology, provides powerful community leadership. Brian does NOT run a dump – he takes pride in running a discriminating and respected transfer station. Brian’s bold leadership, which doesn’t always make him popular, is positively encouraging and challenging Cortesians to take an active role in reducing solid waste on Cortes Island.

Brian was wholeheartedly in on the “all soft plastic” recycling experiment that’s going on in BC right now. This is HUGE. The waste transfer station hereon Cortes the best place in BC to properly dispense your product care (paint, batteries, oil/filters, light bulbs etc.) with fast friendly precision. The grounds are immaculate and everyone is friendly.

“Mismanagement of waste is harming human health and local environments while adding to the climate challenge.” 
Laura Tuck/ Vice-President Sustainable Development World Bank

About the Award 
Jo Ann Green was an exemplary environmentalist. She came to Cortes Island in 1969, settled on Coulter Bay Road, and immediately became involved in social and environmental activities on the island. She was a leader in the formation of FOCI, sitting on the original Board as President. She was a member of the Cortes Oyster Co-op and was active as a homemaker in support of home services on the island.

Jo Ann represents the spirit of Cortes Island’s resilience and its residents’ recognition of the vital importance of the natural environment. The Jo Ann Green Environmental Award recognizes her contribution to our well being, and the contributions of those who follow in her footsteps.