2019 Love Cortes Appeal–FOCI Needs Your Help!

We need to raise $35,000 to support our vital environmental stewardship work and develop new projects.

From rich forests, beautiful lakes and a stunning coastline, to a wealth of endangered species, Cortes Island is a unique place on the planet. We want to ensure it stays that way for years to come.

Please help today!

  • DONATE NOW securely online
    • Mail a cheque payable to Friends of Cortes Island to Box 278, Mansons Landing  BC V0P 1K0
    • Drop off your donations at the FOCI office at 983 Beasley Road

    An Inspiring Legacy of Environmental Action

    Formed in 1990, FOCI began with a small group of concerned Cortes Island citizens wanting to maintain the integrity and beauty of our precious island. Since then, we’ve evolved into a model for environmental stewardship and education.

    Recent accomplishments:

    • Summer education activities programming
    • Implementation of Species at Risk program
    • Coordination of Basil Creek and Whaletown salmon stream restoration
    • Love the Lakes monitoring and bioremediation
    • Care and protection of Mansons Park Spit and its threatened sand ecosystem.

    Looking Ahead…

    We’re now entering our 30th year and there’s so much more to do! The impact of the climate crisis is happening sooner than anticipated and there’s growing concern about species loss, with even the great blue heron now under threat. Our work has become more important than ever.

    As well as sustaining our important conservation and education programs, we’re also looking to develop new programming, including:

    • Developing climate change tools – from green living education to greener transport options
    • A youth program to build eco-leaders of the future
    • Stronger protection of sensitive ecosystems and species, on land and water, through new initiatives such as a marine atlas for Cortes

    Our Goal

    We need your help for increased capacity to sustain our existing work and develop new programs! Our goal is to raise $35,000 by the end of this year.

    Donations of any size are very welcome and much appreciated. Each will help give Cortes Island a greener future. Please consider contributing what you can. All donations are tax-deductible.

    Thank you for your support and consideration,

    Friends of Cortes Island

    Board of Directors